Attorney Fees

No-Win-No-FeeAre you worried that you can’t afford an attorney? Well we’d like to tell you that with our law firm, that will not be an issue. With us, you will pay no money up front, and no fee until we win the benefits you deserve.

No money is needed to start the process. You pay no fee unless you agree to settle your case. The state of Michigan sets forth the attorney fees when your case is settled.

We understand that people out of work, because of disability, seldom have money to retain needed legal help. For that reason we offer an initial free consultation, and should you choose us to represent you, we do not ask for an up front retainer fee. Our fees are paid on a contingency basis — that is, you only pay if you win, after you get your benefits. No fees are owed from ongoing monthly benefits. However, there may be costs in each case for which you will be responsible. These costs are generally fees paid to doctors for medical records.

If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to discuss them with you.

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