Warning Signs Your Workers Compensation Benefits May Be In Jeopardy

Are any of the following situations happening to you?
  • My workers’ comp benefits have been denied
  • My insurance company is disputing my workers’ comp claim
  • My insurance company is terminating my workers’ comp benefits
  • I’m about to lose my workers’ comp benefits and I’m still injured
  • My workers’ comp checks are not coming on time
  • They won’t let me see my own doctor
  • Nurse or Doctor says I should be better by now
  • Adjuster says it’s now time to settle my case
  • Adjuster says they have work for me, but I’m still injured
  • I was injured at work, but then my company let me go

workmans comp 2If you are experiencing any of the situations above, these are all indicators you need to contact an attorney right away! It’s important that you do so before you lose your benefits.

Insurance companies and employers know you are not fully aware of the laws that protect you. You deserve to know your options.

If you’re unsure and worried about what to do next, you can contact us for a free case review – there are no fees unless we win your case. We will help you understand all your options and aggressively advocate for your workers’ compensation case.

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