5 Tips to Get Your Workers Compensation Benefits Approved Now!

We have helped thousands of workers compensation clients receive the benefits they deserve and have been successful using the following tips:

doctor1. Report your injury and get immediate medical treatment.
You need to treat with the company clinic or Doctor of the employers choice for the first 30 days. Thereafter, you can obtain medical treatment with any Doctor you choose.

2. Will your injury or medical condition prevents you from working at your job for more than 10 consecutive days?
If it does you will be paid benefits as of your date of injury.

3. Get legal advice now! Don’t wait until your benefits are denied. Frequently, an attorney can get your benefits paid quickly by helping you with the necessary documentation and paperwork.

4. If the Doctor says you can go back to work with restrictions…try to work! The law says if there is work available within your restrictions you must try to work. However, if you try to work and can’t do the easier work due to your injury ask your employer to send you to the clinic for further evaluation and treatment.

5. Get current detailed physical restrictions from your own physician! The restrictions should detail exactly how long you can sit, stand, walk and weights that you can lift and carry during a normal workday. If your medications make you tired and you need to lie down and rest make sure to tell your treating physician about the side effects from your medications.