Attendant Care Compensation

Did you know Michigan’s Workers compensation provides payment for at home attendant care?

Workers’ Compensation Will Pay for At-Home Attendant Care

Who is an Attendant Care Provider:

  • RN/LPN who may assist in the patients needs.
  • Nurses Aid, Family Member or Friend who cares for the patient due to physical injury.
  • Nurses Aid, Family Member or Friend who cares for the patient due to a brain injury.

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When you have suffered an accident at work you will face many new scenarios. One such experience may be the need to receive attendant care at home (due to severe injury or post surgery). This can be confusing because at first glance it may not seem that workers’ compensation will pay for these services. We would like to inform you that workers’ compensation will pay for attendant care provided by an RN, LPN or nurse’s aid or even care provided by a family member or friend if ordered by your treating doctor.

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