How to Get Your Workers Compensation Benefits Paid Quickly!

1. Immediately report your injury to your employer. Make sure that your employer files a form WC- 100, employer’s report of injury form with their insurance carrier or their representative if self-insured.

Claim form2. Ask for and keep a copy of this report. You may need it for a later date.

3. Get appropriate medical treatment immediately from the clinic or physician the company sends you to for treatment. Keep a copy of all records, notes, or work slips you receive from the clinic.

4. If your work related injury or medical condition lasts more than eight work days (counting weekends and holidays), and you have been off work, and you haven’t been notified regarding payment of benefits contact the adjuster for a status report.

5. Not satisfied with the explanation by the adjuster? Call an experienced workers compensation attorney immediately. Don’t wait!