5 Workers Compensation Benefit Myths

We have helped thousands of workers compensation clients receive the benefits they deserve, be aware of the following 5 workers compensation benefit myths:

If you rely on advice from your Insurance claims adjuster or your employer you may be selling yourself short! Injured workers are struggling to recover from the pain caused by their injury, as well as the loss of full wages that were earned by work, and are forced to exist on workers compensation benefits.

1. I will get paid my worker compensation benefits for as long as necessary until my doctor says I can return to my job!
WRONG – Michigan law allows the company doctor to make the decision as to whether or not you can return to work. An experienced workers compensation lawyer can help you protect yourself by careful planning.

2. My employer will keep my job open for me until I return to work.
WRONG – Michigan law provided all employees with certain exceptions are employees at will, meaning your company can terminate your job and replace you.

3. If I am getting Workers Compensation benefits I don’t have to look for any work.
WRONG – As of December, 2011 all persons injured after that date have a duty to look for reasonable work that they could do based upon their medical restrictions. If you don’t document you job search your benefits could be reduced or eliminated.

4. My employer has to maintain my health insurance for my family while I’m off work.
WRONG – With few exceptions the employer has no such obligation.

5. If I contact an attorney my benefits will be automatically cut off.
WRONG – Michigan law prevents the insurance company from automatically terminating your benefits for this reason alone.

Protect your rights, make sure you are being paid the correct rate, and are getting all your benefits including payment for discontinued fringe benefits, and vocational retraining if needed.