6 Deadly Mistakes That Can Impact Workers Compensation Benefits!

We have helped thousands of workers compensation clients receive the benefits they deserve, avoid the following 6 common mistakes:

1. Failure to report and document your work injury. The law requires you, to timely report and document your work injury. The employer should file a report of injury with the workers compensation bureau, however if the employer fails to do so, the employee can file a report of injury (form 117) with the bureau. The failure to timely report and document your injury can preclude you from getting your benefits.

2. Failure to look for reasonable work. If your injury occurred after December, 2011 you must look for work available within your medical restrictions. If you refuse or fail to look for work your workers compensation benefits may be reduced or eliminated entirely.

3. Failure to submit requests for reimbursement of expenses on time. You must document and submit on a timely basis all mileage and prescription drug costs you incurred for your injury, otherwise they may be denied.

4. Failure to treat with a physician of your choice. If you have been off work for more than 30 days the law allows you to obtain treatment for your injury with any physician you want, and the cost of reasonable treatment must be paid by the employer or their insurance carrier.

5. Failure to seek vocational rehabilitation services. The law permits injured employees to obtain and receive vocational retraining services with the provider of their choice if you are unable to return to your previous work due to your injuries.

6. Failure to request reimbursement for attendant care services. Frequently injured employees need surgery which precludes the injured person from doing routine activities of daily living, such as changing dressings, bathing, toileting without help. If your treating physician indicates the need for these replacement services in writing you are entitled to be reimbursed the reasonable cost for these services even if done by a family member.

Avoid these 6 common mistakes when applying for or attempting to retain your workers compensation benefits.